10 BBL Brew System

Listed: 05/03/2023

Price: $35,000

For Sale: 10 bbl Brew System: Available Starting 6/14. Located in Kent, WA.

We’re getting a new brewhouse in June and so we’re parting ways with the system that has been our workhorse for the past decade.

This is a 2012 PBST 10 bbl system featuring a mash/lauter with grist hydrator, reversable/height adjustable rake. The rake is on a VFD, controllable from the panel. Note that the grain out manway is at the back of the MLT so you’ll need to have at least 3’ of space behind the system.

The boil/whirlpool features a hop dam – we’ve done up to 2.5 lbs./bbl of whirlpool hops and never had any issues with heat exchanger clogs. The kettle/whirlpool pump is on a VFD, so you can get a nice whirlpool going. The kettle is heated via a direct-fire burner. Although we’ve never used the feature, it can be hooked up to operate through the panel with flame modulation so you can pull the boil back if you need hold a certain temp. The control panel is very robust and features German and American electronics.

Over the years, we’ve added a few features to the panel, including controls for both hot and cold liquor pumps, as well as an auger on/off switch. The only pumps included in the sale are the lauter/Vorlauf pump and the kettle/whirlpool pump, which are part of the system, and not the hot or cold liquor pumps.

Heat exchanger is single pass. We can knock out 10 bbls with our Cold Liquor tank water in about 25 minutes.

We’ve won many awards through the years with beer produced on this system. Asking price: $35,000. System must be removed from our brewery no later than Friday, June 23. Price includes us loading, upright, onto a flatbed or trailer. It does not include tipping any vessels or loading into a semi/container where pieces can’t be pallet jacked from the load point. You are welcome to come take a look at it during a brew session or down time. Questions? Feel free to ask.

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