Shandong Tek Machinery 10 BBL Beer Fermenter For Sale

Listed: 11/29/2023

Price: $3,700

Shandong Tek Machinery

Stainless Steel Cooling Jacketed Insulated Conical Beer Fermenter

Details of 10BBL/10 Barrel Brewery Fermentor

Beer Fermenting Vessel Unitanks

Total capacity: with 25% headspace

Dome top and cone bottom, bottom cone, 60 degree

Interior Shell: SUS304, T 3.0mm;

Exterior Shell: SUS304, T 2.0mm 2B

Insulation: PU, T 80-100mm

100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield

Interior Finish: to 0.4~0.6μm/ Mirror polishing/pickling and passivating

Cooling Jacket: On both cone and cylinder parts , can be separate cooling zones

Top mounted manhole/Side manhole

Relief/Vacuum valve/PVRV Valve

Dry hopping port

Thermometer Thermowell with high accuracy temperature sensor: PT100

Beer Sample valve

Bung apparatus/Release Valve with pressure gauge

Test Pressure: 0.3Mpa, Working pressure: 0.15-0.2Mpa.

Rotating racking arm on cone with butterfly valve

Drainage with butterfly valve

CIP arm with 360° spraying ball

Tank complete with fittings, valves, and all parts.


Level Tube

CO2 Carbonation Stone

Copper Shell

Pressurized Dry Hop feeder

Other requirements

Dimension design

Perlick style sample valve

Additional blow off pipework.

More details, please contact us

E-mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 008615098702311

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