ABE 250 Gal Hybrid Pot Still

Price: $60,000

  • Israel

We are selling our A.B.E. 250 Hybrid Steam still.

Overall Technical:

250 Gallon Charge Capacity
2 compartment SS Steam Jacketed (upper and lower, for smaller batches)
18-inch Manway
Copper Pot
Copper Whiskey Helmet
Four-plate Copper Column – 12″
Bubble Plate Regulation Valve on each place
Full Copper Dephlegmator
PRV/VRV In Jacket; PRV/CRV In Pot
Temp measurements in: pot liquid, helmet, Dehpleg, main condenser.
Agitator Motor and Gear Box
Tube & Shell SS Main  Condenser
PID Steam Control Box
Steam Valve

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