Listed: 02/09/2023

Price: $12,000

JV NORTHWEST 15 BBL 2-VESSEL BREWHOUSE – Reduced Price on 3/2/23!


Pumps included:  Hot liquor circulator pump & Condensate return pump

Year: 2000

Plans of System: Our Team can assist with any process, or install questions. 

Boiler: The boiler should be able to use either Propane or NG by changing the regulator

This system also includes a shell and tube heat exchanger for making hot water, approximately $2,500 new.  We also have a stainless steel water tight control cabinet and various smaller cabinets, also stainless steel.

This is nearly a complete system.  HL tank, 600 gallons with steam heat exchanger, steam fired brew kettle, Mash tun with passive hydrator, work platform, grist case. Knock out from mash to kettle should be gravity no pump needed.

Needed to complete would be cold liquor tank, wort chiller, grain auger and a pump.


Feel free to call with any questions.

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