15 Gallon Spike Brewing System

Price: $4,500

  • Iowa
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Lightly used  1/3 BBL Spike Pilot Brewing System

Making room for an larger system, very good condition professional grade pilot system. I have had it for a couple of years and only run about 15 or so batches through it. System works great! All electric 240vac system. The following items are included:

5 – 11 gallon batch size
(3) 15gal brewing tanks; HLT, MT and BK
30a (240v) PID controlled brewing panelControls the 2 heating elements (1 tank at a time) and pumps
All electrical cords included
Only (1) 240v outlet required; compared to 3 outlets with other systems
(2) 5500w tri-clamp integrated ULWD heating elements
50′ x 1/2″ 304SS HERMS coil with quick connect fittings
All valves, pickup tubes, false bottom, etc are included
FDA approved food grade Silicone tubing and quick connect fittings
(2) Food grade pumps; stainless steel heads
Table included
All cables included
Counterflow chiller with temp probe
Similar to what is listed here on the company website: https://spikebrewing.com/collections/spike-system-npt/products/spike-system-15-gallon

Willing to help with transportation depending on location

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