CraftCan 35cpm – PRICE REDUCED ( $40,000 )

Price: $40,000

Hi All,

ABE and the line have been good to us for the last three years, but we are upgrading and it’s time to let go of our CraftCan35. The line will be available to ship out first week of June. A few things about Candice:

-All parts necessary to run 12oz sleek, 12oz standard (including twist rinses). We primarily run sleek cans and consistently get 36cpm.

-Comes with 4 foot pre-fill conveyor (detachable) with automatic wheel spacer and, can bump out, for date coding bottom of can. ($2700 value)

-Post rinse and post dry option. ($2500 value) – we permanently removed the post dry, but would be easy part for ABE to replace. Probably no more than $400.

-Mobile option (on casters). ($1000 value)

-You get all of our spare parts, including 3 additional seamer pucks for 12oz sleek, so you’ll always have the right size no matter where your cans came from.

-This year we rebuilt the seamer station, adding ABE’s updated can lift and it’s been running better than ever.

Please message/text Skylar for further information and/or photos 317 708 9050


Patent-pending Torque Monitor instantly inspects and assesses seam accuracy on
every can.
– Seams not meeting a pre-determined, measured specification are rejected, ensuring
maximum quality and shelf stability.
– Greatly reduces product loss, and shelf spoilage versus manual inspection.
– Minimizes the need for tedious, manual, tool adjustments as many modifications are
made on touchscreen.
– Utilizing a state-of-the-art, 24 bit Encoder with Servo Positional Accuracy means,
repeatable, precision seams within 0.15 degrees.
– Custom developed algorithm allows for precise seam analysis, never seen before in
this class of equipment.
– Because of continuous data logging, maintenance can be done on a predictive, not
a reactive basis.
– System diagnostics available for remote troubleshooting.
– Small footprint. 8′ length x 2′ width.
– Production rates of up to 35 cpm. (Speed depends on beer type and operator
– Up to 87 cases per hour (12 oz. cans).
– Exclusive 1-piece fill head design for enhanced sanitary environment and increased
fill level
– Proprietary CO2 Micro-burst action to better manage foam-on-beer.
Can Filler / Lid Application –
– 5 Head / 3-Port CO2 Purge Cycle – precision purge control means reduced
dissolved oxygen
pick-up resulting in reliable oxygen evacuation.
– 5 Head / 3-Port In-Line Automatic Filler.
– Lift-and-Fill superior filling nozzle technology.
– Quick change Lid Magazine.
– CO2 pressurized lid chute with integrated anti-jamming automation.
– Lid Pick-in-Motion action – improves accuracy and minimizes dissolved oxygen
– Proprietary CO2 Gas Tunnel – prevents external oxygen from entering the can
before lid is
– Lid Detection / Rejection system.

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