Two (1BBL) Electric Brewing Systems – Brewtools B150

Listed: 04/26/2023

Price: $6,000

  • Indiana, USA
  • This position has been filled

These are great pieces of equipment and I would strongly recommend for anyone starting a little brewery, using for test batches, or if you are a homebrewer and just want to scale up. I’m selling two used Brewtools B150 Brewing Systems.  They are a large scale Electric BIAB system.  The facebook owner group is super helpful, and the support team is unbelievable when you email them although if you post in the facebook group they respond in there quiet often as well.  Owner emailed me back once on a Sunday within 5 minutes.  We used these to start our little brewery and now we’re moving up in size.  The equipment is now distributed thru MoreBeer as well.  It also integrates with Brewfather via wifi and the controller. Each one runs on 2 – 240v power supplies. If you have any questions just leave me a comment. Included in this package: – 2 B150 Brewing Systems (retail $2,999 each) – 2 4 valve setups, one for each system (more info on this on their website) ($979 each) – 1 Steamhat and Condenser with a quick connect fitting ($588) – 2 of the Brewtools counter flow chillers with quick connects ($229 each) Also including a ton of extra components: – Optional mash probe for using temp inside of grain bed (vs tank or pump temp sensors) – Extra heating element in case I ever had to replace one – Hoist and track for the hoist that I used to lift the mash and sparge – Extra tri clamps and gaskets and covers Buyer to arrange shipping or pick-up, delivery negotiable tags: 1bb,l 2bbl, 1 barrel, 2 barrel, all in one, electric, nanobrewery, pilot, test batch, start up, start-up

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