10 gallon all in one brewing system with fermenters

Price: $600

I have a 65L Brewzilla for sale. You can see the attached picture or also take a look at morebeer. I used this multiple times for homebrewing and never had any issues. It requires a 240 connection but is able to brew 10 gallon batches. I will also include the CH breaker that I used for this as well as an extension cord that allowed me to be further away from the plug when brewing in my garage. It recirculates and has a built in pump. It comes with a wort chiller. It is electric so you don’t need to be outside to fire it up in the cold winter months. (retails for $650 for equipment only) I also have two vessels that can be used to ferment/ferment under pressure and/or served from, I will also include a spunding valve that lets you adjust the pressure that you want to ferment under. – One is a 13.2 gallon fermenter with a built in valve at the bottom that can be used for dumping trub or collecting yeast. (retails for $230 with accessories) – The other is a 15.9 gallon fermenter that is round but lacks the ability to dump the yeast/trub at the end. Depending upon how fast you drink your brew, this can be used to ferment and served from as well. (retails for $100) If you are interested in all of this equipment or just part of it please send me a message. I am willing to piece out. tags brewing, homebrewing, brew, beer, fermenter, unitank, kegland, equipment do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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