Complete Brewehouse

Listed: 08/14/2023

Price: $250,000

Carbon Block Filter 8 cubic foot
7×7 Multi Stage Chiller G and D
Alpha 2 Roller Grist Mill (separate room)
30′ Flex Auger system
2 Vessel Brewhouse
Brewhouse Automation Package
400K BTU Burners
Liquor Blending Flow Meter
Wort Grant Ultrasonic
Stainless Steel Wort Grant
Oxygen Stone
400K BTU Burner
2 Liquor pumps
SS piping for pumps
Fermenter 30 BBL x 4
Brite Tank 30 BBL
8 Vessel Cellar Control
1.5 hp Transfer Pump
Hoses and Fitting
7 RTD sensors
7 Bimetallic sanitary thermometers
6 Glycol Vales
200′ RTD wire
3 brinks
~200′ of brewery hose
~50 of preinsulated pipe for expanding the glycol main line
ph meter
Certified scale for measuring hops
Electronic thermometer
Taprite co2 measuring tool
Various stainless steel fittings
3 metal shelves
2 Industrial metal warehouse shelves
SS Hop Rocket
Air compressor
ABE Keg Washer
Walk In Cooler 18’x18’x12′
Kegs  49 – 1/2 bbl and 200- 1/6 slims
Co2 loop for cellar

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