Custom Brew Systems | 5 BBL+

Listed: 03/31/2023

Price: $65,385

Brewing on a commercial scale is all about efficiency and consistency. At Cedarstone Industry, we take both to an entirely new level with state-of-the-art commercial brewing systems and vessels. From smaller craft breweries with limited floor space to large-scale operations brewing high-quality beers for nationwide shipment, we provide custom-built brewing systems and tanks that make it all happen.


Complete Commercial Brewing Systems
Cedarstone Industry offers complete commercial brewing systems that include all the tanks, control panels, pipes, and fittings required to make any brewing operation successful. Our brewing systems can be UL-Listed and/or AMSE Certified per customer requirements.


· Quality Craftsmanship: We offer quality craftsmanship that is second to none. Our skilled craftsmen possess the knowledge, skill, and experience to produce the highest-quality commercial brewing tanks and brewing systems in the industry.
· Standards Compliant: All our commercial brewing systems and tanks are compliant with industry and regulatory standards. We do not cut corners. We do not attempt to get away with the bare minimum. You get compliant equipment guaranteed to meet or exceed all industry standards. (UL, ASME, 3A, GMP, etc. upgrades available.)
· Technologically Advanced: Cedarstone Industry takes the guesswork out of commercial brewing with the use of technology. We utilize state-of-the-art control panels with touchscreen operation and advanced computerized programming. With our equipment installed, brewing consistent batches is as simple as the touch of a button.
· High-Speed Brewing: Our complete commercial brewing systems are designed to allow you to brew beer at the fastest possible speeds. Through technology and efficiency, our equipment facilitates mass production without reducing quality.
· Custom Builds: Choose from our stock equipment or contact us with information on your custom build. We can design and produce exactly what you need for your space. No job is too big or small for our skilled design and installation team.


What We Offer:

· 1 BBL, 2 BBL, and 3.5 BBL Nano Brew Skid Systems.

· 5 BBL to 60 BBL Pub-Style or Micro (“Production”) Brewhouses.

· 2-Vessel, 3-Vessel, 4-Vessel Configurations. (Cereal Cookers available as 5th Vessel.)

· Electric up to 10 BBL, Direct Fire up to 15 BBL, and Steam options.

· Non-ASME and ASME-Rated Cellar Tanks from 1 BBL and Above.

· All cellar vessels can be supplied in 2, 3, and 4-Tier Stacks*.

· Horizontal Lagering Tanks, Stacking and Non-Stacking.

· Front-Positioned Valve Trees are standard on “Manual” Systems.

· Automated Packages available for all builds 5 BBL and above.

· 2-Stage Heat Exchangers standard on all Micro+ Brew Systems.

· Logo Printing on Glass Manways included as a standard.

· Customized to your space and needs! That includes your P&ID your way.

· Systems starting at $65,385 USD! (5 BBL 2-Vessel Electric price.)

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