Custom OEM 1 BBL and Above Fermentation Tanks

Price: $3,630

· 15 PSI Non-ASME Model and 30 PSI ASME Model with U-Stamp options.
— NB Registration (US) or CRN (Canada) available upon request.
· 304ss Conical Fermentation Tanks have a 60° Cone Angle and are Dual Zone Glycol Jacketed.
· Fermenters include a standard 20% headspace.
· Jacket insulated with a minimum of 80mm Chloride free PU insulation.
· Top manways offer superior sanitation and ease to add fining and hops to the vessel.
— Front Shadowless Manways available upon customer request at no extra charge.
· Exterior and Interior a #4 Sanitary polish with internal passivation.
· Glycol Jackets offer optimal heat transfer capability.
· Jacket interior coated with a Chloride resistant coating to resist corrosion from the inside.
· “One Touch” Racking Arm allows for easy racking arm rotation, without the need to loosen any clamps. Simply turn the handle and the racking arm rotates! Removable and cleanable.
· CIP Tank Sprayball has spinner spray head assembly and exterior CIP arm.
· Dedicated 1.5″ Blow Off Arm helps keeps CIP and PAM assembly clear of primary fermentation blow-off exhaust and residue.
· Adjustable Levelers to provide a level tank regardless of your floor slope.
· 2″ Bottom port to facilitate yeast removal.
· Includes a 4″ Dry Hop Port on top of the vessel.


— Price is per overall capacity, with custom height / OD at no extra cost to the customer.
— Tri-Clamp, NPT, and Butt Weld ports up to 4″ are no extra cost to your vessel(s).
— Stacking vessel(s) are available upon customer request for a slight additional cost.
— Horizontal models are also available, and can additionally be stacking configuration.
— 2B Mil finish can be provided to the exterior at no extra cost to the customer.
— Prices starting at $3,630 USD for a 1 BBL!

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