3.5 BBL 3-Vessel Electric Step-Deck Brew System

Listed: 03/30/2023

Price: $43,570

Our 3.5 BBL Nano Brewhouse is designed to be ideal for pilot batch brewing and start-up breweries alike. Engineered with the flexibility for experimentation as well as configuration for continuous batching, this brewhouse is built to be the powerhouse of your facility.

Full process piping between vessels, dedicated pumps for hot water and wort, and condensing vent stack for the kettle allows for superior versatility in every situation. An included pushbutton panel allows for pump VFD controls as well as Kettle and Hot Liquor tank temperature control. An in-line Vorlauf heating element allows for step-mashing with temperature control and On/Off switch standard on all designs.

As an additional feature for today’s Hop-forward trends, a whirlpool cooling and recirculation loop with debris trap pre-heat exchanger comes standard on each unit.

System Includes:
• 3.5 BBL Mash / Lauter|
• 3.5 BBL Whirlpool / Kettle with Condensing Stack
• 3.5 BBL Hot Liquor Tank
• (2) 3/4 HP Ampco Pumps
• (2) 7.5 KW Heating Elements in both Kettle and HLT
• Steap-Deck Style, Skid Mounting
• Control Panel with Pushbuttons (VFD + Temp. Control)
• Included process piping with Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves
• Whirlpool Cooldown Loop
• Heat Exchanger water outlet to HLT for Easy Filling
• HLT REcirculation Loop and Overflow Tube
• In-Line Vorlauf Tube Heating Element for Step Mashing (Level Switch Safety)
OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Touch Screen Controls

• 117″ L x 86″ W x 71″ High

Power Req.:
• 460V 3-Phase, 60 Hz – FLA 49.8A




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