7 BBL Brewhouse

Price: $55,000

Customizable 7BBL Turnkey brewhouse systems by Brewmation.


Since 2003 Brewmation has been providing American made 508 cUL certified designs to ensure years of satisfaction. Brewhouses include all vessel types: hot liquor tank, combined or separate mash tun – lauter tun, combined or separate boil kettle – whirlpool kettle and cold liquor tanks. 


Call us or visit our site to begin customizing a system today. Features include:

  • Chose from electric, steam, or direct fire heat
  • Basic or Advanced PLC (touchscreen) Controls are UL/cUL listed
  • CIP ready tanks, with included spray ball, can be insulated at your request
  • Vessels connected individually, hard piped, or skid mounted
  • Adjustable Ultra low watt density tri-clamp heating elements or characterized steam valves through a manual, semi or fully automated control panel
  • Additional control points include liquid transfers and metering flow volumes through fixed or variable speed pumps. Custom sized boilers, heat exchangers, and glycol chillers paired to match your facility and brewing requirements
  • Hot liquor tanks can be oversized and include a HERMS coil for mash heating. All HLT’s come equipped with tangential recirculation port, clamp down lid, sight glass, and inlet for house water for easy filling on brew day
  • Optional HLT timer can be implemented to pre heat your strike water prior to your arrival to the brewery
  • Mash tuns come standard with side manway for grain removal, sparge arm, individual strike port, vorlauf port, sparge ports, center drain, and perforated false bottom. For adjunct heavy mashes a V-wire false bottom is available. The mash tun can be open top or fitted with a motorized rake/plow.
  • Maintain mash temps using a HERMS coil, RIMS tube, or steam. Boil kettles feature open or domed top with dished/domed bottom. They include center drain, raised wort outlet, sight glass, and tangential whirlpool port.
  • We achieve maximum heat distribution by mindfully locating the sanitary tri-clamp heating element ports on the electric kettles. All electrical elements are GFCI protected for personal and equipment protection, with an added standard safety float for extended service life
  • Steam venting or condensing options are available. Steam kettles are fitted with dual zone jackets on the side and bottom of the kettle, with optional calandria
  • Accomplish liquid transfer with robust centrifugal pumps containing internal or external seals. Additional optional peristaltic pumps can be integrated for sparging or utilize the Grant/Auto grant method.
  • Add digital flow meters and strike valves ensure proper grain to water ratio and transfer volumes.
  • Standard included soft piping for flexibility or consider a hard-plumbed skid for the ultimate in aesthetic and functionality. 
  • Control packages feature temperature set points for each vessel, I/O or VFD control for pumps, process timers, flow meters, motorized valve integration, networking, and email alerts.
  • Add a cellar packages from Brewmation’s fermenter and brite tank catalog
  • Centralize or fully integrate cellar control modules with the brewhouse controls by taking advantage of its networking.
  • Our knowledgeable and responsive project managers create brewery layouts, assist with contractor coordination, and provide full support for all aspects of your project.
  • Helpful and dedicated customer service professionals support your enterprise through every phase.
  • Totaling more than 1,500 installations, Brewmation’s resources and experience will strengthen your confidence. We look forward to being your essential partner.


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