Pin Cask for Real Ale – Stainless Steel – 4.5 Gallons

Listed: 09/21/2022

Price: $350

Serve and condition your cask beer in this all stainless steel, 5.4 gallon pin-style firkin beer keg.

This beer pin cask (basically a smaller Firkin cask) is specially designed to aid in cask conditioning and serving your real ale.

Made entirely of stainless steel so your beer won’t be affected by corrosion over time, it’s also extremely easy to operate with a convenient hand pump.

Your real ale is effortlessly conditioned by the unique streamlined shape (that holds 5.4 US gallons) that’s as useful as it is handsome.

If you want to enjoy real ale at home or in a bar, this beer cask is one of the perfect cask parts to get you serving it up perfectly.

Please note: this cask is for real ale only. It will NOT work with standard draft beer equipment.


Come with everything needed.

*A Rack for serving

*Gravity Dispense Tap for Serving

*22 Plastic Bung

*22 Soft Spile for Cask Ale

*22 Plastic Shive Bung

Only used three times.  Cleaned properly and ready to use.

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