Home Beer Brewing Equipment, w/ 15 cu. ft. Keezer, 2 – 5 gal. Kegs and Much More

Listed: 04/18/2023

Price: $675

Home Beer Brewing Equipment. Everything you need to start brewing beer at home. Includes a 15 cu. ft. Keezer w/ two taps and regulators, 2 – 5 gal. ball lock kegs, 2 – 6 gal. fermenters, 1 – 6 gal. priming tank (all three are siphon less), 40 qt. brew kettle, copper wort chiller, Johnson Controls temperature controller, bottle cap fastener with over 200 caps, 5 cases of reusable bottles, cleaner, sanitizer, hydrometer, misc. brushes, spoons, keg lube, etc., instructional DVD and book. Contact me with any questions you may have.


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