15 BBL Turnkey Brewhouse and Related Equipment

Price: $125,000

Beautiful, Copper-Clad, Turnkey Brewing System for Sale! Buyer assumes all shipping responsibilities. Brewhouse: Copper Clad, 15 BBL Manufacturer: Specific Mechanical Combi Mash Tun/Lauter/HLT (Electric) with Grant- equipped with fluid sensor 104″ height, 69″ diameter, side manways on both mash and HLT Boil Kettle/WP  – Direct Fire with domed top with manway- approximately 600-gallon capacity – 104″ height, 69″ diameter 400,000 BTU Burner for Kettle Two Skid-mounted Brew House Pumps: Pump #1: .5 HP (sparge, vorloff, tranfer to kettle), Pump #2: 1.5 HP (WP, Wort Transfer to Fermenter) 2-Stage Heat Exchanger (Glycol/Water) Brewhouse comes with Stainless Platform for access to tanks Cellar Equipment 2-15bbl jacketed fermentation tanks – approx 30% headspace 1-30bbl jacketed Uni tank – approx 30% headspace 5-15bbl jacketed brite/serving tanks (455 gallon max capacity) 1-30bbl jacketed brite/serving tank (900 gallon max capacity) All cellar vessel equipped with, PRVs, front-facing manways, and CO2 ports on CIP arms Glycol System with approximately 390-gallon reservoir tank – Manual Temp Adjustment Operation Digital Temp control panel for brewhouse, fermenters, Glycol temp, and serving tanks with controls for two additional fermenters Brewhouse pumps operated via control panel Brewhouse equipped with swing link-style diverter panel for routing product, water, etc. Extras 1.5 HP Cart Pump 1.5″ gaskets and clamps 1.5″ TC Hoses Flow Through O2 system Valves Tees, Elbows, Sight glasses

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