Gosling canning line

Listed: 01/19/2023

Price: $22,000

$22,000 OBO


Gosling canning line from Wild Goose for sale, purchased in 2021.  Has been used for several runs, we are outgrowing it but it has worked well for us. 


Line is currently set up for 12oz sleek cans but we can reconfigure for standard cans depending on buyer’s needs. 


No issues with it and we will be replacing all tubing as part of routine maintenance.  It is thoroughly cleaned/sterilized before and after each use.


If you are interested in buying it we suggest visiting us for final inspection and we can also set up a small run to train you on how to use and clean it.  Pretty simple to operate, this was our first (and only) in-house canning line and were able to use it without any prior experience. Includes can pre- and post-rinsing equipment and we will provide the notebook computer we use to interface the machine and we can throw in our cleaning equipment as well.


12 cans/minute on average Here is the manufacturer’s website with machine specifications… https://wildgoosefilling.com/products/canning/gosling/


Wild Goose has been a great partner for any questions and support on the equipment but fortunately no major fixes or upgrades were required at any point.


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