100 Gallon 3 Vessel Brewhouse

Listed: 11/05/2022

Price: $6,800

Looking for a buyer for our pilot system.

This three vessel 100gallon system from Bubba’s Barrels got us through our opening but we’ve since upgraded to a 5bbl electric.

kit includes:

1 x 100 gallon HLT (2 x 5500w element, enclosure and QD cables)

1 x 100 gallon MLT ( 12” manway and removable false bottom)

1 x 100 BK (2 x 5500w elements, enclosures, and QD cable)

1 x 36” x 110” brew stand w/locking heavy duty swivel castors, stainless top, wood frame construction coated in epoxy

Hosehead 5BC Brewery Controller

4 x 5500 watt stainless elements

Some detail on the system:

The stand is extremely well built and durable, tanks are all in perfect shape however there are some suggested upgrades and modifications that if given more time I would have completed and recommend completed. I’ll list them here.

The Hosehead controlled uses craftbeer pi and can control two pumps and two elements. All controlled from you phone or a tablet (option VGA output and USB to use keyboard/mouse) No pumps are included but with this size of system there are Homebrew level pumps that will run adequate times on transfers. You’ll likely have a mobile pump at your brewery and these can be used to transfer between tanks as necessary. That being said in order to use the hosehead on this size system it requires hooking two of the elements to the HLT to heat water and then after you perform a mash you will hook up the two elements to the BK.  Even with this arrangement the system is slightly underpowered.

Options to solve power issue:

our next move to decrease boil/heat times was to add a third 5500 watt element directly to each tank with a simple switch wired directly to a GFCI outlet. Then buying the neoprene tank coverings from bubbas or outfit with a similar tank insulation that’s durable and water proof. This will drastically cut down on heat times and is relatively cheap option. Another option is to get a separate controller for the BK and use the Hosehead for just the HLT and Mash operations. Furthermore a propane burner could be used on the BK

The system comes with no valves or hard piping. There are several holes in precut in the tanks that I will include bulkheads for but optimally I recommend getting 1.5” TC ferrules welded on. Very simple and cheap job for a good welder. We used the weldless bulkheads but I find them hard to seal.

Manway works great and they did a great job with the welds. Very good quality components.

False bottom seats well and is easy to get in and out for deep cleaning.

Happy to jump on a call and answer any further questions you have!

This system cost me $6300 US landed not including shipping but did not include the brew stand/cart, the Hosehead controller or fittings. SS elements, etc.

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