Price: $18,000

LinCanNitro-Line for Non-Widget, nitrogen injection. The Doser-100 injects/ Doses containers at line speeds of up to 100 containers per minute. Includes all parts. Based on the physical characteristics of nitrogen, one part of liquid nitrogen warms and expands into 700 parts of gaseous nitrogen to pressurize or flush containers of oxygen.


How it works: Liquid nitrogen is supplied to the doser by a vacuum insulated hose and flows into the dosing head. A sensor detects the speed of the line, and a second sensor detects the presence of a container. When the container is detected, the dosing head actuated-valve opens and dispenses the exact amount of pure nitrogen.

A PLC (programmable logic controller) integrates the sensor, controls and human interface via a touch screen display.


– Package rigidity

– Reduces packaging paneling

– Improve labeling contact surface

– Oxygen reduction

– Introduces microbubbles to various products Includes:

-Nitrogen Injector

-Conveyor mounting brackets

-Stainlesssteel Injector


-Bolt-on electrical box

-Standard 110volt x 4Amp connection

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