Price: $8,000

In-Line Empty Can Feed Conveyor(elevated for twist rinse) Empty Can Feed System *Designed to hold complete slip of empty cans for semi-automatic feed onto main canning line drive conveyor. *Spacer Wheel Add-on ,controlbox *52″x60″ Empty Can Table *Variable Speed Drive Control. *5 RPM AC Drive motor Powered Conveyor Extension Extension Powered Conveyor required for addition of Can Feed into twist rinse -To allow for transition of empty cans from CanFeed Conveyor into twist rinse -Constructed of 304 stainless steel with long lasting Delron conveyor material. Twist Rinser -Gravity Fed Manual Twist Rinser Tunnel to Main Conveyor -Includes S.S.Leg Supports -Water Spray Rinse Option for Inverted Wash -Enclosed Rinse Box to Contain Water and deliver to Drain -Specific to one can size. = 16 oz CANS  

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