10 Gallon Plus Electric Herms Pilot System Blichmann

Listed: 11/25/2022

Price: $4,800

  • Gilbert

4 Sale

10 Plus Gallon Electric Herms Pilot System Blichmann $4,800




The turn-Key system can do Min of 6-gallon batch and max 10+-gallon batch.

only has 6 brews done on the system but sadly I need to sell at this time.



Mush Tun 15 Gallon

Auto Sparge, False Bottom

HLT 15 Gallon

Boil Coil, Whirlpool, Herms Coil

Boil 20 Gallons

Boil Coil, Whirlpool, Hop Blocker

2 Riptide pumps


2 BrewCommander

Hoses and Fittings

Wort Chiller

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