Electric Brewery Blichmann G2 15g HERMS Turn Key

Price: $2,200

Electric Brewery Controllers: EBC III-D Electric Brewery Controller

Power Plug Type: 3 Prong Plug (NEMA 10-30,10-50)

Plug Type: Additional Cord Length – 1′ Increments (6′ included)

Hot Liquor Tanks: BoilerMaker™ G2 │ 15 Gallon

Hot Liquor Tank Options: BoilCoil™ │ 15 Gallon 240V

Brew Kettles: BoilerMaker™ G2 │ 15 Gallon

Brew Kettle Options: BoilCoil™ │ 15 Gallon 240V

Brew Kettle Options: Thermometer │ BrewMometer™ 3" Dia. Weldless Articulated



Stainless steel Blichmann Boilermaker HLT with integrated boil coil. The lid has a HERMS coil attached but I have a coil to be installed just never got to that. I will Include that extra coil.



15 Gallon MiniBrew with false bottom and sparse arm.



15 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker with integrated BoilCoil and whirlpool 



– 2 Steelhead pumps

– 220v /50a electric brew controller with PIDs

– all hoses to connect everything without moving

– extra HERMS coil for install

– lids for everything

– mounting brackets for pumps

– stainless valves and locking fittings

– easy clean counterflow chiller with all hoses and fittings

– electric and manual thermometers and probes

– I have tons of other equipment I can go through as part of this deal, we can discuss separately.


Everything is in Good working order and I’m willing to send videos or in person show and tells. 

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