Steam Fired 2015 Specific Mechanical 40 BBL 3-Vessel Brewhouse

Listed: 09/23/2022

Price: $125,000

I am selling this 2015 Specific Mechanical 40 BBL 3-Vessel Brewhouse. It has an oversized mash/lauter tun w/rakes & plow and a steel’s masher. The kettle is 45 BBL with an external steam fed calandria. Includes whirlpool vessel, piping, controls, heat exchanger, pumps, fittings, and valves. Email me for more pictures and the schematics. The brewhouse will be located in Frankfort, IN after October 21. It’s about 30 minutes north of Indianapolis. If you take delivery before October 21, 2022, I will offer a significant discount.

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