Food grade virtical auger

Listed: 10/17/2022

Price: $5,000

Hutchinson Vertical Food Grade SS Grain Auger 8’ tall 6” dia. runs horizontal and then vertical   Out of a brewery in Gerney, IL. It was purchased to load barley malt from mill to grist case but quickly realized that a chain convayer was a better choice. It sat in the corner collecting dust   Stainless steel, One motor powers both horizontal and vertical augers which are mechanically linked 1:1   I don’t have the power requirements on the motor but I will do some digging to see what I can find   Disassembled, working condition Ran less than a week before it was taken apart, paid over $15,000 new Please reach out if you are interested with any questions, updated 2/16/2023 . (708)506-9086 [email protected] $5,000

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