Delkor Tray Packer

Listed: 07/16/2023

Price: $320,000

For Sale: Delkor Tray Packer

The tray packer was used for loading 12 pack chipboard cartons of Bud Light Seltzer into trays (two 12 packs per tray).

The machine was purchased new by Agile Packaging in 2021 and the line was setup for Bud Light Seltzer. Due to a decline in sales of Bud Light Seltzer, the facility was shutdown after approximately a year, so the tray packer is in great condition.

We purchased it from Agile Packaging when their plant closed. Our plans changed, so the machine was never installed at our plant.

  • Make & Model: Delkor FL I1 200
  • Manufactured: 2021
  • Speed: 25 trays per minute / 600 cans per minute
  • Location: Fort Worth, TX
  • Price: $320,000

Delkor is quoting 9-11 months on a new machine and these rarely come available on the used market, because they are so reliable and well-designed.

Delkor is willing to support the machine, commission it, provide training, spare parts, etc. (Obviously at an additional cost)

Delkor is also able to provide different sets of tooling and the machine is extremely flexible. It can pack loose cans, cartons, Pakteched cans, sleeved, printed, etc. It can pack any size, shape, and pattern, not just beverages. Changeover is tool-less and just takes minutes.

Since we did not install the machine, buyer should verify all provided information.

Here is a promo video made by Delkor showing the capabilities of this model:

If interested, email [email protected].

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