Mixing Tank 2000 Liter/530 Gallons

Listed: 09/30/2023

Price: $5,995

Letina M2000 mixing tank never used in perfect condition.

2000 Liters / 530 Gallons

Tank can be moved when full, rides on 3 wheels (1 swivel with locking brake)
Conical Dish Bottom, Complete with Butterfly Valve
Welded legs with wheels.
Top is piano hinged. Folds back for easy loading
230V, geared 3-phase Motor, mixer–55 rpm
Scatter plate prevents whirlpooling (better mixing)
All welds are polished and treated (not porous) for sanitary food use.
Tank wall is SWAGED before welding on ferrules. This provides a smooth curvature for strength and sanitary finish. [as opposed to butt-welding a ferrule to a simple flat punched hole]
304 German Stainless Steel. 2R (aka BA—bright annealed, aka mirror) finish on inside. Marble Finish on outside.

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