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Complete 10 bbl brewery capable of 1,000 bbl annually as delivered but very expandable to 5,000 bbl. Designed by a veteran Brewmaster. Build to last and perform. Designed for double brews per day.

  • 25 bbl HLT, electric heating
  • 20 bbl CLT, jacketed
  • 10 bbl Mash/Lauter vessel, with rakes, grist hydrator, wort grant
  • 10 bbl Kettle/Whirlpool vessel, in-direct fired
  • Platform, wort pumps w/ VFD’s, hard piping for all vessels, control panel, heat exchanger
  • 2 x 20 bbl Fermenters
  • 1 20 bbl Brite Tank
  • Final configuration of cellar TBD by buyer
  • Portable wort pump with VFD’s

As a brewery consultant and system fabricator, I can help you design and install a brewing system for your needs at a lower cost than most suppliers.

Please contact me for more details.

Michael LaCharite

Pro Brewing Systems





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