7 BBL Brewery Equipment, great start up brewery!

Price: $7,000

Great gear for a start up brewery All you need is a brew kettle to start brewing. Equipment includes mash tun with plateform, single wall 7 BBL fermenter, double pass heat exchanger.


This mash tun was custom designed, built locally in Colorado US made. Double wall insulated, so no need for heating element. Has a special design for very easy cleaning, just rotate the unit like a Ferris Wheel to dump spent grains onto a cart or wheel away dumpster. Complete with platform scaffolding and steps. Has very nice false bottom. The unit is designed to be up high enough to gravity feed into most brew kettles. This makes for natural filtering. I have won many ribbons brewing with this design. The container is 200 gallons. The mash tun was leak tested, but never used, it’s new but sold as used.

Mash tun, with platform for $4000.


7 BBL SINGLE WALL FERMENTER / Can be used to fermentation or as a mixing talk or cold liquor tank.

This was designed and built on Colorado US made. 7 BBL working volume, and over 9 BBL of headroom. Single wall fementer that can be used for fermentation in a room temperature conditioning room, of it can be used for racking with non filtered beers, or as a mixing tank, and can also be used to store extra water when knocking out your wort so you could recycle the water into a HLT. This has a unique conical bottom adjustable drain design which saves more beer per batch with less waste. It has casters so you can easily move the fermenter within the brewery. Optional platform designed for this fermenter makes cleaning easy. This unit was leak tested but never used.

Fermenter, $2500.

Fermenter, with platform for $3000.



This double pass section heat exchanger NEW never used, but selling as used. It is designed to use both water and glycol, although if your water is cool enough, glycol is not necessary, you have a choice to use either, or both.


Buy all and save more for a total of $7,000.


All gear is located in Firestone Colorado. Cash and carry. If you send a shipper to our location we will load it on their lift gate. It’s not on pallets. That would be buyers responsibility.

Call Steve 720-378-3000

Rock & Roll Brewery. LLC

Cheers 🙂

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