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Fill-Boss is an”Automated” counter pressure bottle filler that is affordable enough to be purchased production nano and micro brewery operations. It is built like a tank from laser cut and formed 12 gauge 304 stainless steel. Fill-Boss is microprocessor controlled, so it fills bottles and growlers to exactly the right level every time, just by pressing one button! The simple design can be used for nano and microbrewery operations as well as brew-pubs that want to add inexpensive bottling and growler filling to their operations.

The innovative spring loaded adjustment system can adjust to most bottle sizes, including 1.5l wine bottles and growlers!

Customers have used the Fill-Boss for beer, wine, sparkling wine, craft soda, hard soda, Kombucha, and craft cold coffee.

  • Spill free automated counter pressure filling.
  • Handles bottles from 8 to 14 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter.
  • Maximum fill pressure is 30 psi for standard beer/wine bottles.
  • Handles bottles with openings from 0.75″ to 1.25″ with supplied silicone bottle seal (larger sizes with standard drilled rubber stoppers – not included see description below)
  • Bottle non-carbonated or fully carbonated beverages from 5 Gallon Cornelius Kegs (Cornelius Keg, CO2 tank, and regulator required but not included) or from your brite tank or other storage vessel. (Note: This device does not actually carbonate your beverage. It allows you to fill bottles and growlers with a carbonated beverage with minimal foaming or losing carbonation)
  • Programmable Fill Speed.
  • Includes Ball Lock connectors and tubing for Ball-Lock Cornelius kegs or 1/4″ NPT Threaded Quick Connect fittings for connecting to other vessels.

Contact us for special connections for Sanke Kegs and Brite Tanks. We will find a way to connect to your vessel!

We’ve received calls from a prospective customers asking “what is wrong with these units?” Why are they 1/3 the cost of other automatic fillers? The reason Fill-Boss is less costly than other options is that it was designed from the ground up to be an affordable and reliable filler. We use the Fill-Boss in our brew-on-premise operation daily and it has never hiccuped! One Fill-Boss commercial customer reports a 3-1/2 day payback when he switched to Fill-Boss! Yes, it is for real!

Most commercial operations use multiple fillers connected in parallel. Many people ask what the fill rate is. Unfortunately this is impossible to accurately predict as it depends on the carbonation level of the beverage, the type of beverage, and the pressure required for dispensing. One customer using two machines reported that they can clean, fill, and label a case every 10 min and essentially keep up with two machines. This is for a 22 oz bottle size, 12 bottle cases, filling beer.

We’ve use the fillers at our Brew on Premise operation and have found that it takes 2 people about 25 minutes to bottle 2 cases of 12 ounce bottles (24 bottle cases) with 2 fillers. Your results may vary. We highly recommend at least two units for commercial operations.

There are several connection options to allow you to use the Fill-Boss with various beverage vessels. The Fill-Boss requires two connections, one for the CO2 (gas) supply and the other for the beverage. It is important that the pressure on the gas line match the pressure in the beverage vessel.

We have standardized on the Ball-Lock type connectors for the Fill-Boss as they are quick connect/disconnect and are self sealing with integrated valves (See Ball-Lock Post Adapters Option Below).   This listing includes a 1/5″ Triclamp adapter with a ball lock connection post for your bright tank. We also sell ball lock conversions for Sanke Type D couplers should you want to fill from kegs. The gas line is equipped with a 1/4″ NPT make connector that should be connected to your regulator that is at the same pressure as your bright tank or keg.

We also offer a Multi-Filler Kit that allows up to 4 Fill-Boss Fillers to be ganged off a common source. Most commercial operations have from 2 to 4 fillers ganged together to increase production. We have found that we can fill about 2 cases of standard 12 ounce bottles in 20-30 minutes with 2 people and two fillers. One person fills and the other caps, labels, wipes, and places in case. We have a customer filling 22 ounce bomber bottles and they report being able to do 1 case (12 bottles) every 10 minutes with 2 fillers and 2 people.

The only moving part in the filler is the electric solenoid valve.  This listing includes 1 spare valve as well as an inline filter for the beverage line to prevent plugging up of the valves with debris.

If you need to fill a bottle with a mouth diameter greater than 1.25″, you can simply replace the bottle seal we provide with any standard brewery grade drilled rubber stopper. For example, a size 11.5 drilled stopper fits the opening of HydroFlasks perfectly (see picture for this item showing rubber stopper used on HydroFlask growler). We don’t supply these stoppers, but they can be found at any homebrew or brewery supply retailer or online.

The Fill-Boss is powered by a wall pack power supply that provides 12 VDC at 2 AMPS. The power supply we provide is similar to the one shown below and has an input range from 100-240 VAC and has USA type prongs. It has a standard Connector size: 5.5 x 2.1mm. If you are purchasing for use outside the USA, you need to either source the appropriate USA travel adapter to use this device in your country or source a power supply with the same specifications.




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