20bbl 4 Vessel Brewhouse, 6 Unitanks 2 Brites, chiller, Grain Handling, everything in between. 50hz components. Includes Shipping

Price: $520,000

  • Europe

Equipment is brand new still in crating from DME. It has never been used. Bought back in 2017 for a production facility that did not happen. THIS WILL INCLUDE SHIPPING.  DME is still around with new owner ship. They can provide service to this equipment. Everything is wired for 50hz Photos are from factory floor Grain Handling & Milling Malt Mill – 2 Roll Mill Flex auger – transition adaptor Flex Auger – Mill to Grist Case Grist Case (s/s) (69 CU. FT.) (2.07 CU. M) Grist Hydrator 4″ (102 mm) (C/W Thermometer)   Water Systems 70.2HL (60bbl) Hot Liquor Tank – No Jackets External Heat Exchanger Option (Hot Liquor) Hot Liquor Pump 50 Hertz 70.2HL (60bbl) Cold Liquor Tank – No Jackets External Heat Exchanger (Cold Liquor) Cold Liquor Pump 50 HZ   Brewhouse Equipment 23.4 HL (20bbl) Mash Mixer Mash Mixer Pressure Sensor 23.4 HL (20bbl) Lauter Tun (Rakes, Underflush, WCH) Lauter Tun Differential Pressure Sensors Upgrade to Motorized Raising Rakes Spent Grain 12″ (300 mm) Knife Valve – AIR ACTUTATED OPTION 23.4 HL (20bbl) Steam Kettle Kettle Pressure Sensor 8″(204mm) Brewhouse Stack (5FT Long)—– x3 23.4 HL (20bbl) Whirlpool Whirlpool Pressure Sensor Work Platform (4 vessels) Control Panel Mounting Bracket Wort Sink & Bench 23.4 HL (20bbl) Heat Exchanger cold liquor/wort (10 FG LF-150 72 plates) PLC Controlled Wort Cooling Wort Aeration Assembly Piping (4 vessels) Mash Transfer Piping Mash Pump 50 Hertz Wort Pump C/W VFD 50 Hertz- Alpha Laval —–x3 Air Solenoid Valve Bank Air Actuator for s/s Valve—– x26 Liquor Blending System (PLC)—–x2 Brewhouse Transfer System (hoses clamps)   Misc Equipment Vessel Lights——x4 ABE Keg Commander Automatic Two Head Keg Washer Pro Chiller Glycol Chiller Unit   Control Systems Magnetic Particle Sanitary Flow Meter—-x2 Brewhouse Control Panel PLC – 4 Vessel (MM, LT, K, WP) – Air Actuated Vessel Mounted Temperature Controller——x8   Peripheral Equipment NPT adapter to BSPT——x81   CIP Equipment Portable CIP/Multi Use Pump C/W VFD – 50HZ Portable CIP System (75 Gallon (283.9 L) Tanks)   Unitanks 25 HL(21bbl) Unitank——x3 48 HL (41bbl) Unitank——-x3 Carbonating Stone (6″ (153mm)—-x6   Bright Beer Tanks 23.4 HL (20bbl) Bright Beer Tank 46.8 HL (40bbl) Bright Beer Tank

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