Bottling Line – GAI 3003A Bier 3,000 BPH

Price: $55,000

GAI 3003A Bier Monobloc Filler/Rinser/Crowner

Terminal Gravity Brewing is offering our GAI 3003A Bier monobloc filler/rinser/crowner. We’re shifting to canning only due to the higher cost of shipping bottles to and from our remote location.

The machine includes a 12-head rinser, 12-head double-evacuation with CO2 isobaric flush filler, liquid-ring vacuum pump for pre-evac, water-stream fobber and Arol crowner. It runs up to 3,000 bottles per hour (50 bottles per minute) (1,200 liters per hour).

Terminal Gravity Brewing is the first and only owner of this machine and it has been in the same location since initially installed. We are currently packaging with this machine and plan to do so through the end of February, 2021.

Date of manufacture is 2006, serial number AFN4000.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s data:


Electric: 3-phase 220V  @ 30 Amps.

Sterile water: 3 gallons/minute @ 50-60psi.

Clean, dry, oil-free compressed air: 20cfm @ 30 psi.

CO2: 20cfm @ 30 psi.

Note: Water, air and CO2 consumption are estimates. We have intentionally over-estimated the usage.

Approximate run time is 11,000 hours based on bottling 8hrs per day, two days per week, 48 weeks per year for 14 years.

The machine has been regularly maintained by our staff. Lubrication has followed the recommended schedule. We have partial maintenance records–some were lost–and can supply them.

All product-contact seals have been replaced on a regular schedule.

A fair number of spare parts are included–see photos. Due to our remote location, there are more than most plants would keep on hand. A full set (and then some) of seals for the filling heads is included.

To list all the parts that have been replaced in 14 years of use would be impossible in this space. Major wear parts have been replaced, including crown closing cone, crowner drive cam (replaced nylon cam with stainless steel), crowner drive follower (a spar is included), etc.

The bottler is currently set up for 12 oz Heritage bottles with 26.5mm crowns. We don’t have swap-out parts for bottles of other diameters, but the machine can be adjusted to accommodate any bottle of 66mm dia.

Prospero USA still stocks all parts for this bottler.

A printed manual with copious notations will be included.

I can provide a digital manual and records via email on request.

Here’s a link to over ten years of info on the set up, care and maintenance of this bottler:

We also have a Combi Brewpack case/carrier erector/stuffer, GRX depalletizer, CVC 300 in-line rotary labeler and conveyance for sale, and would be more than happy to make a package deal out of them.

Crating and shipping will be the buyer’s financial responsibility, FOB Enterprise, OR 97828. If needed, we can help facilitate shipping.

We have a loading dock and forklift on site.

Please email or call with any questions you have, and we’d be happy to answer them.

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