Unibrau for sale

Price: $1,200

I’ve had my All in One for about 2.5 years, with many great brews happily drunk. Unfortunately, a recently developed medical issue means I cannot drink alcohol anymore so I must get rid of my system. My loss is your gain as they say.
I have the 10G Unibrau 1600W with Tee and additional 600W element and hop blocker. Controller works but will need a new temp probe(unless you can solder 😀).
I also have a Delta Brew conical Ferm Tank with chilling coil. Grain mill, extra plate chiller, refractomer, pH meter, 2 hop filters, MKII pump, immersion chiller, mash paddle, 5 gal ‘No-chill’ HDPE container, gas burner, and miscellaneous others pieces I have collected.
I hate having to give up beer (and brewing) but I have no other choice.
Serious inquiries only in the Baltimore/D.C area. I’ll take $1200 for everything. (I’ll even throw in some leftover LME & hops)
[email protected]

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