Cask V4.2 5 head Canning Line

Listed: 10/26/2023

Price: $20,000


Cask ACS 5 Head filler for sale. Unit has been decommissioned but I do have video of the last run. The seamer motor and conveyor motor/gearbox were recently replaced and everything is in good operational condition and has been well maintained. We typically see about 26 per minute on 12 oz cans. Included in the sale: -Pallet stacker for loading layers of cans onto the shaker table -Half height shaker table – holds about 20 cases worth of cans -Filler/seamer – CO2 purge, under lid gassing, pneumatic seamer operations, rinse and blow off tunnel -Pack off table for manual paktech application -Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you! -email inquiries to [email protected]

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