GEA Reverse Osmosis System for Beer Dealcoholization

Listed: 12/13/2022

Price: $675,000

GEA Reverse Osmosis System for Beer Dealcoholization For more information on this listing please click here or contact Ken Medicino at [email protected].


The RO unit dealcoholizes beer by means of reverse osmosis spiral-wound membranes. The unit is operated in batch mode; a cleaning cycle (CIP) is to be performed between each batch. The production capacity is adjusted via the number of batch cycles so that a flexible production schedule is possible. The system is designed for processing a beer volume of 200 hl within a 24hr period.

The beer is fed out of the batch tank into the RO unit, where the alcohol is removed from the beer. The
dealcoholization process takes place in three steps:

  1. Pre-concentration of beer
  2. Diafiltration (leaching of alcohol by addition of demineralized and deaerated water)
  3. Blending with deaerated brewing water, wort, or beer to the initial volume (done outside GEA scope)
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