Used Brewing System

Price: $2,000

  • Denver

Full brewing system includes: 1) 3 Burner metal framed sled with electric junction to run pumps for wort transfer 2) x3 – Converted kegs with spigots (False Bottom for Wort Keg) 3) x1 – pumps for worth and HLT transfers (easy hang from metal sled) 4) x4 – 5Gal Glass Carboys 5) x9 – 5Gal Corni Kegs (Good Condition) 6) x2 – 5Gal sanitary plastic buckets 7) x1 – 8Gal Conical Fermenter with all hardware 9) x1 – Sleeve that helps temp control on mash 10) x1 – Wort Chiller 11) Hoses, Gas Line, fittings, hardware. Pick up in Denver.

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