Chart Ultradoser 150S Liquid Nitrogen Dosing System

Price: $20,000

The Ultradoser 150S Liquid Nitrogen Dosing System is a multi-purpose liquid nitrogen dosing system utilizing advanced cryogenic technology and PLC programing.  Liquid Nitrogen is supplied to the UltraDoser unit by a vacuum insulated hose and flows into the dosing head.  A sensor detects the speed of the line (encoder compatible); a second sensor detects the presence of a container.  When a container is  detected, the dosing head opens and dispenses an exact amount of pure Liquid Nitrogen.  A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is the brains behind integrating the sensors, controls, and human interface. Chart engineers designed an ultra-efficient system for low to medium production line speeds to dispense a precise dose of Liquid Nitrogen into every container every time.  The Liquid Nitrogen gasifies and is either trapped in the container to add rigidity or escapes with oxygen to inert the headspace.

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