Rack System- Barrel Stacking for storage or transport

Listed: 01/24/2023

Price: $360

For Sale- Stackable Barrel Rack System with Racks Stackable barrel rack system includes 4 individual, 3 barrel racks. Fabricated base attached to bottom rack for lifts barrels ~18” from ground making it Good Manufacturing Practices Compliable. Base also facilitates stability, inspection, and maintenance/cleaning. Each rack suited for 3x 55-gallon drum barrels. System creates ease of storage and dispensing of products. Each rack has 4 point forklift access to enable smooth transport. In good working condition with some cosmetic damages that do not impact function. Already assembled and ready to go. Equipment in previously purchased for commercial brewery, but does not fit the needs of the facility at this point in time. Pickup within the Denver area, freight can be loaded if arranged by purchaser. ***Please email/message before calling***   Specifications: -Equipment Weight: ~310lbs as a whole 1 rack= 69lbs 4 racks w/o attached base= 276lbs -Weight Capacity: ~2,400 lbs Drum Capacity: 3x 55-gallon drums per rack -Stack Capacity: Up to 4 high for storage Max: 2 high for transport.   -Stacking Weight Capacity: 2,400lbs per rack 9,600lbs (total of 4 racks)

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