For sale (BO)– complete SS Brewtech home brewing system with assorted extra equipment

Listed: 05/16/2023

Price: $1,000

Everything you need to make a complete home brewing system!!  We moved and I no longer have room to store everything and brew, so everything must go.

All equipment is no more than 4 years old and I used it fewer than 20 times.  The 20 gallon tank was used twice for hot water only.

7 gallon SS Brewtech Unitank with heating element, cooling helix, neoprene jacket, and all attachments and temp sensors

10 gallon SS Brewtech InfusSion mash tun, with heating element, pump, sparge arm

10 gallon SS Brewtech Brew Master Edition brewing kettle

20 gallon SS Brewtech Tri-Clamp brewing kettle

CO2 tank, with regulator and all connections

Various piping pieces, all tri-clamp fittings, Bluetooth specific gravity sensor, a couple dozen unused bottles, bottle capper, assorted other equipment.

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