Eastey EZ-Taper BB2T- Bottom and Top Taper

Listed: 01/24/2023

Price: $2,700

For Sale: Eastey EZ- Taper BB2T Bottom Belt Industrial Tape Sealing System: Top and Bottom Industrial Taper fitted for 2” Width tape. Perfect working condition, no cosmetic damage, and all pieces and parts accounted for. Additional attachments for 3” tape can be purchased separately and fitted into equipment if needed. Attachments are easily removed and inserted without the need for tools. Previously used in a commercial brewery setting for packaging cases with bottles. Brewery has since moved to only packaging cans, and has no other use for this piece of equipment. This piece is in great condition and will be an asset in any production setting that uses boxes for packaging. Pickup within Denver, Colorado area. Freight can be loaded on our end if arranged by buyer.

**Please email/message before calling**  


– Machine Size: L: 64″ W: 28″ H (without casters): 56.75″ H (with casters): 60.6″

-Machine Weight: 260lbs

-Taper Attachment Capacity: W: 2″ , Diameter: Up to 15″ rolls

-Belt Speed: 60′ /minute

-Box Capacity: L: 6″ – to unlimited W: 6″-21″ H: 4″-20.5″

-Weight Capacity 85 lbs

-Conveyor Height Ranges: Without Casters: 21.3″-27.2″ With Casters: 25.8″-31.7″

– Electrical: Requirements: 110 VAC, 60Hz, 6A Power Consumption: 200W

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