CIP Unit

Price: $5,000

Pacific Brewing Systems CIP Unit with cart and pump.

Never used. This unit was included in the brewery sale of our new location. We don’t need it/use it.

General Specifications:

Power: 220V, 3 Phases, 60Hz, 5.5KW
Pump: 220V, 3 phases, 60Hz, 2.2 KW
Heater: 3 KW, with temperature controller
Tank: 100 Liter, 2 Tanks with sight glass
Dimension: Length: 165 cm Width 60 cm Height 140 cm
Weight: 350 lb.

1. Fill the tank with the heater with caustic
2. Fill the other tank with sanitizer
3. Plug in the power
4. Get the caustic up to temp
5. Plumb the system to the tank to be cleaned
6. Run a caustic cycle
7. Run a sanitizer cycle
8. Done

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