15bbl steam brewery

Price: $160,000

Selling a 15bbl Steam fired 2 vessel brewhouse with 24 bbl HLT. manual mash tun. 2 process pumps. Stainless work platform.

4 x 15bbl conical fermenters dual jacket

1 x 15bbl Single wall brite/serving tank

1 x 7.5 hp G&D Chiller with 30+ft of piping run

12×35 ft walk in cooler (panels and door) with fan coil

3 hp mobile cip pump

4 head keg washer

Thermaline Heat Exchanger

2 x 3 comp sinks

16 Faucet Draft tower and draft equipmnt

Fulton Low pressure steam boiler (this may actually be hard to remove from the space, I have removed it from the price, if you can’t find something else I will see what I can do)

All stainless tanks manufactured in the USA by Practical Fusion, Portland Oregon. Built and installed in 2014, has seen relatively light use and is in perfect, good as new, condition.

Currently installed but will be moving to storage soon.

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