Wild Goose WGC-100 2 Head Beer Canning Machine Can Filler

Listed: 09/25/2023

Price: $19,000

            ****Reduced for quick sale! Must be gone by Oct. 31****

Wild Goose 2 Head Can Filler w/ Superend Seamer. This is an older machine but still gets the job done. Seams are perfect (uses Superends but could changed to LOE). The only thing I would change out are the actuators shown in the close up. New lines use a different type. I was quoted $800 for the parts last year. Has wheels, service and repair manual, infeed whale tail and small outfeed table. We usually run it at 18-19 cpm so that it only takes 2 people to run. With tweaking fill timing, pressure and everything I have pushed this to machine to 21 cpm. In reality your day will be done faster running at 18 or 19 cpm. It is much easier for a less tech savvy employee to set up this way. You’ll have more consistent fill weights and waste less beer. This filler does not have flow rate counters but rather timers you set digitally via the touch screen interface. Once I dialed in the timing for 18-19 cpm, I was able to leave it the same for all our beer brands. I’ve had this for several years and have had a lot of interaction with Wild Goose. I have to say their customer support is excellent though their prices for equipment certainly reflects that. I’ve replaced some sensors, seamer arm bearings, and learned a lot about dialing in proper seams with their help. They have told me this machine can be upgraded to a 4 head. I also have spoke to them about doing 16 or 24 oz cans with this machine. They say it can be converted (currently set up for 12 oz) and kind of acted like it was something you could swap in between once you got your process down, but I don’t you could do it quickly enough to make it worth the time and hassle it would take. My plans in the future, had we kept pursuing a distribution model, was to one day get a new faster machine and convert this one to doing tall boys for nitro’s and specialty cans. It wouldn’t cost much at all to change the height. After filling there is a small rinse tunnel, that works surprisingly well. We have a fan mounted on the pack out table that blows the excess water off well enough to not screw up case trays. With the right technique a single person can apply pak tek, put in trays, stack and date all the cans coming out at 19 cpm. Faster than that and you need 2 people on the outfeed or additional machinery. We use a price tag gun for date codes. Our code just added 12 to each number of the date so 091923 would be 213135 so people didn’t un-rotate stock on the shelf. At our maximum comfortable output, we would do about 250 cases across 2 brands in a day including set up, sanitization, dial in, canning, switching brands, and clean up. After 6 hours or so everyone wants to go home. You could do more with rotating staff, starting earlier, only doing one brand, etc. I will include the PVC frame and rinser to reverse engineer if the buyer wants. It is a jankey at this point though still works. Outfeed table is included as well. I also have an air compressor that I run it off of and several sleeves of ends. Contact: [email protected]

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