ABE (American Beverage Equipment) Brew Pilot 5bbl Full Turn Key Brewery

Listed: 09/19/2023

Price: $115,000

Used 2019 Brew Pilot 5bbl Full Turnkey Brewery. This system is well maintained and operated by a small Texas Brewery. This is a complete custom-built and lovingly cared for production system in great condition to support your brewery operation. Many extra parts and items included. Pickup at buyers expense.

Included Items:

Brew Pilot 5 bbl 2 Vessel Manual Electric Brewhouse.

System Features:

Full stainless steel step up workstand

Stainless steel brewhouse, piping, valves, clamps and fittings

Sanitary Two Stage Heat Exchanger 450 sqft surface area

Control System:

Push button control panel with digital readout.

Automatic temperature controls

Variable speed drives for brewhouse motor/pump

Manual Fluid Valve Manifold

Emergency Stop Safety Feature


Hot & cold hydration inlet

Heavy Duty false bottom with pillar support system

CIP spray nozzles under false bottom

Fully insulated vessel

Stainless Steel

SSCIP High-flow Rotary Spray Ball with 360° of coverage.

Spargering assembly

Fully insulated vessel

Stainless steel

SSCIP High-flow Rotary Spray Ball with 360° of coverage.

Brewhouse stack port with condensate run-offtube.

Electric Heating Element


BrewhousePump 1.5hp

External Wort Grant


Wort Aeration Assembly

304 Stainless Steel Grain Out Rake

304 Stainless Steel Mash Paddle


10bbl Electric Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tank

Hot Liquor Tank ControlBox

Hot Liquor Pump 1.5hp System


Qty 4 – 10bbl Stainless Steel Fermentation Uni-Tank


Each tank can function as both a fermentation vessel and a Brite tank. Each tank has an independent carb stone assembly.

Outer Shell: Stainless steel 304 sanitary construction thickness

11 gauge(3mm)

Interior Shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 11 gauge(3mm)

100% TIG welded and sanitary polished

Design Pressure 30 PSI, Test Pressure 30 PSI (0.2MPa)

Interior finished to 2 Band exterior finish bright polished to

#4,240 grit, sanitary


1.5″Tri-clamp sanitary fittings

CIP arm and Rotary Spray Ball 360° of coverage.

Dual-zone cooling jacket with glycol inlet and outlet

Carbonation Stone Assembly






5 Ton Commercial Water/Glycol Chiller SystemSystemFeatures:

-To provide approximately 60,000Btu/hr. Of cooling with 50.Fleaving fluid

Temperature with an ambient temperature of 95.F.

8 Tank Glycol Temperature Control Panel

Portable Transfer Pump System 1.5hp

Other parts

Full replacement set of gaskets for the heat exchanger

Backup pump for 5 Ton glycol chiller

Extra set of fermenter top gasket

Extra fermenter door gaskets

5 gallons Glycol

multiple brewers hose of varying sizes, totaling 100ft

2 Sightglass

6 black handled tri-clamp valves

3 1.5in tri-clamp elbows

3 3ft pipes with 1.5in tri-clamp ends

30 clamps with gaskets for 1.5in tri-clamp ends

4 1.5in tri-clamp caps

2 butterfly valves with 1.5in tri-clamp ends

4 blow off hoses

12 worm gear clamps

Spare manway gaskets

Lots of extra tri clamp, parts, fittings, and ends

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