Jacketed Fermenter

Price: $8,000

GW Kent 40BBL Fermenter


• Stock tank Measurement:  Diameter 80″ x Height 153″

• 4 stainless steel legs with leveling footpads

• Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 11 gauge

• Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 14 gauge

• Interior and exterior finish bright polish to 250 grit, hygiene surface

• 60 degree cone bottom, with 25% head space

• Racking port and discharge port with butterfly valve and fittings

• Side manway door, shadowless

• Dual zone dimple cooling jacket with glycol inlet and outlet

• Polyurethane insulation thickness 1-1/2″ for cooling jacket on side and bottom

• Fully welded exterior shell

• CIP arm and spray ball

• Sample valve

• Tank complete with fittings, valves and all parts. 


Call 972-365-7482 or 469-399-1599 for details.

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