20 BBL turnkey brew system

Listed: 12/09/2023

Price: $99,900

20 BBL Brewhouse – steam jacket heating

Located in Dallas, TX area, ready for shipping

– 20 BBL Mash/lauter tun/whirlpool vessel – rake system, frequency drive, rake speed adjustable, steam jacketed, false bottom, sparging, CIP

– 20 BBL Boil kettle, steam jacket heating, CIP

– 40 BBL HLT, steam jacketed

– 40 BBL CLT, glycol chilled

– (3) 20 BBL jacketed unitanks with CIP, dry hop port, sample port 

– Electric Brewing Supply control system with Horner XL4 controller (WIFI enabled for easy control)

– (2) variable speed Pumps (Plus one spare still in the box)

– Stainless steel 304 working platform

– Plate heat exchanger

– All electric steam control valves

– All piping and pneumatic valves

– Additional hoses and clamps

The system was being used right before it was disconnected.  All piping has been labeled when the system was disconnected so it can be put back together quickly.  The equipment is currently stored in an indoor facility, accessible to 18-wheel trucks.  


Other items for additional cost (please ask)

– 10 BBL brite tank, not jacketed, CIP, sight glass, sample port

– 8 HP Glycol chiller

– Roppi grain mill

– Dual head keg washer

– Clark forklift

– 55-gallon barrel of Octave FS sanitizer

– Two boxes of walk-in freezer curtain

– Portable transfer pump

– Various wifi equipment

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