~20bbl (2000l) Brewhouse – steam 5 vessel + tons of extras. Financing Available

Listed: 09/06/2023

Price: $59,900

Selling a 2000l brewhouse that was used to brew 20bbl batches daiy. It has TONS of stuff with it: 5 total vessels; MT, BK, LT, plus a ~60bbl HLT/Brite, ~40bbl CLT,  a mill (unknown condition on the mill), Hoses, Fittings, and more. It has two main pumps. Control panel has a bunch of features that you may never need but able to grow with. Steam system (no boiler– and I suggest to always buy a new boiler if you can or a certified used boiler from a local boiler co). Located in Columbus Ohio in a storage warehouse that you could take rent over if you are not ready to pickup. PLUS, I do have a finance company that I have connected with over the years that is ready to finance this system if you are needing short term financing or lease options. If interested, send a PM or txt is fine : 317-364-1467 — it is ready to go if you are ready for a system.

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