400gal still & 100gal Hybrid still

Price: $85,000

Hello, we are selling a complete brand new distillery. This distillery is fully plumbed in and will need to be dismantled. We can assist in finding plumbers and riggers if necessary at the purchasers expense. We would also be happy to go over the equipment and process of spirits which it might be best suited for. Please note again that this is a brand new distillery and there is no wait times on production and available immediately. This is being sold as a complete system and will not be pieced apart. Here is what’s available and more pictures can be sent. Thanks for looking!

400gal mash/stripping still steam jacketed(multiple spirits can be made)
9’ 10”H
12” column
18” man way
Pressure release valves
CIP system with pump
Condensate return
Tube and shell spirit condenser
5hp 230vac 3ph agitator
-100gal vodka/multiple spirit still Steam jacketed
16” man way
10” whiskey column
CIP system with pump
Condensate return
Gin Basket
2ho 230vac 3ph agitator with VFD
-(2) open FV(non jacketed)
-Columbia mph 20 steam boiler(oil)
-mash pump
-phase converter
-modene in-line heater
-RO water system
-black steam pipe
-pallet jack

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