10 BBL Complete Showcase Lager Brewhouse

Listed: 11/04/2022

Price: $330,000

A state of the art lager brewhouse made by ABS.  We are moving production to our main brewery and no longer need this equipment.  This includes: Touch screen with pneumatic valves 10bbl Mash/Lauter tun with rakes 10bbl Grist case 10bbl Gas fired Kettle 20bbl Gas fired Hot liquor tank Mill and Auger 4x 10bbl FVs 1x 20bbl FV 4x 10bbl stacked jacketed Brite tanks 2x 20bbl stacked jacketed Brite tanks 5x 20bbl horizontal oak foeders with internal cooling fin 4x 10bbl stacked jacketed lager tanks 10 hp chiller Steamer

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