Tunnel Pasteurizer

Listed: 03/27/2023

Price: $30,000

Small capacity tunnel pasteurizer available in the Portland, Oregon metro! The facility has increased capacity and has outgrown the equipment. Two photos show the current load on and off. The plates and rails for conveyance is included, but the green conveyance in the photos is not included.

  • Size: ~19.7ft x ~4.6ft x ~5.9ft
  • Applicable products: beer, tea, juice, and other drinks
  • Applicable containers: aluminum can, glass bottle, tinplate can, and heat-resistant PET bottles with heights below 400mm (~15.7in)
  • Throughput: approximately 500-1000+bph.
  • Equipment specs, CAD drawings, electrical, etc. available upon request
  • Buyer responsible for crating and shipping
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