Semi-Automated 7bbl Steam Brewhouse w/ Boiler

Price: $65,000

Two vessel, steam jacketed brewhouse with 7bbl production capacity built in 2016 by Shandong Brewing Equipment. System includes steam jacketed mash/ lauter vessel with grist hydrator, variable speed rakes, spent grain plow and a dual zone steam jacketed wort kettle. Also includes work platform, integrated control panel with platform mounted HMI, heat exchanger, and flow panel with all associated hard-piping. The brewhouse will include a Columbia boiler with condensate return vessel, also produced in 2016. This system was purchased used for a brewpub in planning that has been delayed indefinitely. Due to these unforeseen circumstances we’re offering everything at a price well below half the cost of a similarly equipped new system. Buyer’s please note, the system does *not* include a wort pump. I have sized a replacement, however I was originally waiting until I could assemble the brewhouse in it’s permanent location before purchasing the replacement so I could be certain it was correctly integrated into the pre-existing hard piping. The replacement pump is $1,500. The main panel already is wired with VFD’s for the mash mixer motor (included), wort pump, and HLT pump. The outside of the vessels have been cleaned, however the inside of the tanks will require a CIP (I have not had the facility available to do a proper CIP since I purchased it). Asking price is $65,000 for both the brewhouse and boiler. All equipment is currently being warehoused in the Cincinnati area and is available to be inspected by appointment. Please direct inquiries to br[email protected]

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